The Power Of Chanting Mantras

A yoga practice cannot start without chanting mantras.It is a wonderful way of starting our yoga practice as per my personal experiance.It is a great way to charge up our agitated mind which runs from here to there within no time.And morning is the best time to refreshen our thoughts as a well started day goes well.

Mantras are viberations which help us in a long way to focus on a particular task.While chanting mantras the sounds evoke movements of energy setting a clearer point of view and relaxing our wandering  mind.

The one thing which fascinates me about mantras is the sounds themselves.They resonate the different parts of body and mind creating actual events and this is where the magic starts.

Like  music ,mantras uses sounds to evoke the movement of physical and emotional energy through stimulating our nervous system from which emerges the meaning but this can only be felt through introspection.

Mantras are much like earthquakes within our body which shaken our system to awareness.By practicing them on a regular basis we can bring more of  ourselves online more onboard the journey of health and fitness towards union and wholeness.

Mantras hold within themselves the latent form of universe.They have a definite predictable effect on chakras and the human psyche.

They are not a small thing ,they have power ,infact the one who knows and is passionate about practicing gets the power.


Mantra is a sanskrit word of ‘sound tool’ond OM is one of myraid such mantra.

I have always been deeply curious about the mechanisms that  may be at play beneath the surface of my awareness and chanting OM, as a part of my yoga flow has produced a calming and transcendent effect on my consciousness.

OM the word holds within itself the latent form of universe.

Chanting OM can create an  event inside the  nervous system
which then becomes the object of concentration and meditation and thereby a focal point for expanding physical and emotional awareness.
AUM has rings ,so this particular mantra qualifies an object that inherently has no interactions and this means our object is formless.


When we try resonating mantra aloud,we allow the air to flow through our nasal passage slowly,smoothly transitioning between three sounds.

A can be pronounced “A”as in car which can be felt like a wide opening and has a broader viberatory effect on our physical body.
U can be pronounced as “oo” as in soup,it has a funneling effect narrowing the consciousness into subtle sensation such as thoughts and impressions.
and finally the M sound is like drone of a bee.It feels like earthquake kind of viberation in the cerebral cortex.

  • A – gross consciousness of the awakening state
  • U – approximates the dream state
  • M -approximates the deep dreamless sleep state of consciousness.

 AUM codes for the deep immutable eternal aspect of consciousness.

So concluding AUM consists within itself the latent form of the universe and by its regular practice we can bring more of ourselved online.

It is to be noted that the breathing stage is most important  for the practitioner to develop the state of relaxation nevertheless it is very important to take intrest or take healthy curiousity for the practice to enjoy and learn.